As Humartaş Yapı ve Enerji ve Taahhüt A.Ş, we have the highest success ratio in the projects which we develop.

As Humartaş Yapı ve Enerji ve Taahhüt A.Ş, we make no concessions on our special quality procedures in each manufacturing.

Humartaş Yapı Enerji and Humartaş Taahhüt gives great importance to planning and aims to ensure that each discipline is structured within itself. In accorance with this purpose, We have a structure that has professionalized the support which we shall offer at all technical stages needed by a project together with our project designers, planning managers, purchasing and budget planning teams Our Team consists of young, dynamic and highly experienced employees who are experts in their fields. These features provide us with a ground that shall combine experience and dynamism.

Humartaş Enerji-Taahhüt AŞ has adopted the principle of continuing its activities and contributing to the development of the society, without compromising the principle of honesty, by subjecting to international standards in its areas of activity and building facilities that do not harm the environment.

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Humartaş Energy-Contracting was established in order to develop project in the field of energy.

One of the power plants of Humartaş Yapı ve Enerji, which started its commercial life by developing hydroelectric power plants projects, is Aksu Regulator and HEPP. 5.7 MW was commissioned in 2011. Later, it developed a 300 MW project in the field of Wind and Solar Energy.

Humartaş Renewable Energy Expert

Thanks to our dynamic and expert staff, our organization has gained momentum in the sector by making important investments. Our organization, which accepts quality as the primary principle since its first existence in the sector, has succeeded to be a reliable company in the energy sectors in a very short period of time thanks to its determination to succeed.

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Humartaş Energy-Contracting

Our Board of Directors

Murat Humartaş